ICON is ready and available to move and ship your cars, SUVs’, high and heavy equipment such dump truck, tractors heads, graders, bull dozer commercial power generators and excavators to Africa. We ship to most African countries, and we work with all the leading shippers worldwide utilizing the most modern, safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly vessels in the industry.


Icon offers ocean freight shipment and you may ship using a full container load (FCL) or just part of a container load (LCL). When shipping using full container, you will have the entire container at your disposal. And you may load it they way you wish as long as you do not exceed the maximum weight allowed.

All fines and infractions will be paid by the shipper for any regulation violation. The shipping price will vary depending on the size of containers you wish to send, your destination, and your carrier.

When shipping using LCL, you will share the container with other shippers. With less than container load LCL shipping, it is very important that the goods are properly packed.

Shipping prices will depend on the volume of the goods you wish to send. Once your cargo arrives at the warehouse it will be measure and the rate will be calculated based on the volume of the cargo.


Icon provides an alternative and faster service to traditional sea freight shipping. We offer customers the option of an air freight services. Air freight is the fastest way to ship your cargo, allowing your goods to arrive at their destination between 7 and 10 days. We have contract with Air carrier and ship out goods every week.


Icon will be happy to meet with you to discuss how we may be of service to you. Keep in mind that you do not have to travel overseas to shop. Our services include the sourcing, procurement, ordering, expediting, inspection, consolidation, packing and onward shipping to end destinations of choice. We can help you find and purchase vehicles, trucks and equipment of all makes and models, new and used. Icon will supply you with good and reliable products from a dependable source.


When it comes to clearing your vehicle through customs without any delay, there is no substitute for experience and reliability and with many years of experience, Icon has a network of custom agents that has the knowledge and resources to help you clear your vehicle with no issue, no surprise and no game. We would make sure your clearing is done right the first time and everytime.


Goods sometimes are subject to accidental damage; ICON provides its customers with needed cargo insured to help cushion against any potential loss or damage during the goods transit route. ICON offers a non-cumbersome application and quick approval process for insuring your shipment. Shipments can easily be insured as long as they contain approved goods and are being shipped to an approved destination.

Once cargo is insured, and in case of unforeseen circumstances, customers can always get back certain percentage or even the entire value of the goods damaged as covered under the cargo insurance policy. Insurance coverage’s vary by air and sea, because of which all insurance policies are specifically tailored according to individual shipper needs and requirements. Coverage provided are for all risks or on specially defined risks, as needed.


Packing your boxes, pallets and barrel well is key to minimizing damages

  • Make sure all fragile items are heavily bubble-wrapped and secured well in the box. Use Styrofoam peanuts, clothing, pillows, etc to provide extra cushion.
  • Make sure all boxes are packed FULL. If there are voids in the boxes, they can easily collapse which can cause damage.
  • Make sure your boxes are securely closed using adhesive tape or carton staple.
  • Label your boxes with your first and last name, phone number and the amount of boxes you have.

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