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A Blend of Advanced Services and Technologies Customized to Your Needs

We believe that innovative solutions, best-in-class technology and customer satisfaction are the building blocks of a leading company. Here at Icon Logistics Services, our exquisite team and services offer end-to-end support for the unique challenges posed by the industry. For this reason, experienced specialists are involved in the solution planning and delivery process in collaboration with you, of course.

By Transport Modes

Regardless of your industry, commodity or key markets, Icon Logistics Services offers the transport mode that is the most compatible with your shipment. For a true end-to-end customer experience, we serve our clients, whether small or large, with frequent departures on all major trade lanes by:

  • Ocean Transport
  • Air Transport
  • Ground Transport
  • Intermodal Transport

By Automation and Digitization

Innovative activities have been one of our company’s cornerstones ever since its foundation. This stems from our goal to deliver top-notch innovative services and solutions to our clients. Icon Logistics Services accelerates the shift to a digital-driven company culture by actively implementing integrated and automated solutions.

  • Online booking, tracking and scheduling
  • Online and instant generation of quotes
  • Client Portal
  • Mobile application

By Services

Our logistics and financial services focus on solving your supply chain needs from end to end, and reducing the complexities of shipping for you. We are at the forefront of developing exceptional solutions by synthesizing our network, in-depth experience and pioneering digital services.

  • Customs Clearance
  • Packaging and Preservation
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Procurement Services

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