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About Icon Logistics Services

In a fast-changing shipping world, Icon Logistics Services has set itself apart as a leading freight forwarder with its fresh and unique approach ever since its foundation back in 2009.

With a visionary and digital mindset, we provide distinctive advantages to our clients worldwide. We have worked hard to create a smart and fruitful network that ensures stability and reliable services. Not only that but also we have made it our mission to focus on the needs of our customers which stand at the heart of all our decisions.

What Makes Icon Logistics Services Unique

At Icon Logistics Services, we believe there is a better way to do freight forwarding. A more valuable way where clients are earned rather than bought. We're obsessively passionate about providing digital freight and logistics services, and our mission is to help clients experience the joy of a smoothless shipping experience.

​We make the most of our flexibility and creativity to provide superior services and solutions adapted to our customers’ evolving needs. Our professionalism is built on years of experience, skills, and reputation as forward thinking innovators in the shipping business.

With a proud, decades-long heritage, we are confident in our ability to maintain our position as a top industry performer dedicated to efficiency and profitability, as we continue to deliver exceptional service to our customers.

We Are All Ears

We attentively listen to our clients in order to empower them and provide superior customer service.

We do that by focusing on:

  • Gathering and understanding requirements
  • Customize and provide the most suitable solution and service
  • Execution while keeping the client in the loop

Apart from that, our team offers constant guidance and advisory through the whole shipping process. This is to ensure that our clients receive what they deserve which is the best services as per their needs without any uncertainties or ambiguities.

We also provide strategic advisory and logistics services to commercial companies including a variety of Fortune 500 companies local, state, national governments and international bodies, as well as universities, hospitals and utilities.

How We Got Here

“We’re out to build better freight services and solutions,” was our motto when we first founded Icon logistics Services back in 2009, and still is.

It all started with one problem followed by dozens that changed everything. We noticed that the logistics and freight industry has a lot of gaps when it comes to offering innovative solutions and services, especially digital ones. From time-consuming manual processes to the lack of coordination and planning between involved parties in the shipping parties. Kind of a double whammy, when you think about it. So, we did away with the traditional way of doing freight forwarding.

Ready to Help!

Have you been frustrated and disappointed with your logistics and shipping needs lately? Contact Icon Logistics Services and we will help you achieve your goals.

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