Shedding Light on Critical Questions Related to Our Shipping Services and Solutions

How can I submit a booking?

You can submit your booking request via our website or mobile application. If you are a new user, then you’ll have to register first. If you are already registered, you may directly go to Icon Logistics Services login page.

Can I ship sensitive cargo?

Icon Logistics Services provides special transportation solutions that are customized to suit all kinds of sensitive and precious cargos. Please contact one of our agents for more information.

How can I track my cargo?

You can track your shipment at any time using the Tracking tool on the bottom of your screen. 

Simply enter your booking, bill of lading (B/L) or container number that you can find in the documentation you have already received. 

Make sure you enter the numbers without spaces.

A container number is made up of 4 letters and 7 digits.

Example: ICON1234567

A B/L number consists of 7 letters followed by several digits. Example: ICONZHR12345

I don’t know what documents to prepare for importing/exporting my shipment. What should I do?

You come to us. We get that shipping requirements differ from one country to another even if you’re transporting the same product to different countries. But, our team will guide you in preparing all necessary documents.  

Is it possible to choose the date that I’d like to ship my cargo?

Definitely! You can browse the sailing schedule and choose the convenient date.

What services do you offer?

We offer logistics, financial and digital services that focus on solving your supply chain needs from end to end, and reducing the complexities of shipping. 

What do I need to ship my vehicle?

When you are ready to ship your vehicle you will need to have the vehicle title, complete our dock receipt request form and Export Power of Attorney. Once we have these documents, we will generate a dock receipt.  This is the document you need in addition to the original title at the delivery port.

Can I have  two (2) names as the consignee/receiver?

Having two names on the bills of lading is NOT acceptable. Only one name can appear. Also, no c/o (care of) can be present unless it is a Company Name followed by a person’s name.

What do I need when delivering my vehicle to the port?

Each port requires different paperwork.  However, most ports require 6 copies of the dock receipt, 6 copies of the front and back of the title, 6 copies of the lien release (if applicable), and a copy of the bill of sale when shipping a newer vehicle.

Can I put stuff in my vehicle when shipping RORO?

When shipping a vehicle with RORO, there cannot be anything inside unless it was made for the car such as a car jack, spare tire, and other vehicle accessories. If there are personal items left inside the vehicles, they will be removed and trashed! However, if you are shipping inside a container, you can put your goods inside the vehicle.

Should I have a full tank of gas when I deliver to the port?

No, for safety your gas tank should be at ¼ tank or less due to U.S. Coast Guard regulations

Do you offer marine insurance?

Yes, we do, please contact us.

Do I have to pay any additional money apart from the freight cost?

Yes, there is a towing fee, if you request towing service to the port, however you can as well take the vehicle to the port by yourself.

Before shipping, should I remove my license plates?

We suggest that you remove your plates at the time of drop off at the port and take them with you overseas.

What does the abbreviation RORO mean?

It stands for Roll on Roll off. On the day the vessel is loading, longshoremen drive your vehicle on the vessel and latch it down. Then once the vessel discharges at the destination port your vehicle is driven off.

Talk to one of our customer care specialists on +1 301-485-8510

How long does it take to receive my goods?

During the booking process you will be asked to opt for the type of services you will be interested in, we have air freight or sea freight service, depending on your budget and sense of urgency. Air Freight is always faster than sea freight but more costly. For air freight, you get your shipment in a matter of days to weeks while for sea freight, it can take as little as 6 weeks to two months (end to end processing).

Can I ship an accidented vehicle?

Yes, accidented vehicles can be shipped as a non-runner vehicle or forklift vehicle, it depends on the damage to the vehicle. There is an additional fee for this service.

What documents do I need to ship a car overseas?

US Customs requires the original title, lien release (if applicable) and supporting documents for export, copies are not accepted. Salvage certificates may also work, depending on the port of loading. If you bought your vehicle from an auction house, the bill of sale is required and must be dropped at the port along with the title and dock receipt, especially for Jacksonville Port.

What US ports can my vehicle ship from?

We ship from all major ports in the US. Shipments to Africa, primarily from Baltimore Maryland, Wilmington Delaware, Newark New Jersey, Jacksonville Florida, Freeport Texas, Providence Rhode Island,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ports.

How long does it take for a vehicle to get to its destination once it sails?

It depends on the country and if it is a transshipment. A transshipment is when cargo or a container is moved from one vessel to another while in transit to its final destination.Usually, sailing takes an estimated 21 days or more for a vessel to arrive at its destination. This does not include clearing days.

Are you able to guarantee delivery dates?

We are able to give you estimated departure and arrival dates as the shipping lines operate on a first come first serve basis only. Delays may be due to US Custom delays, port congestion, sailings canceled or delayed and weather conditions etc.

Are there any destination charges?

Each country differs, you have to contact your clearing agent.

Can I deliver my shipment to the port myself?

Yes, you can if the vehicle is booked with Sallaum. However, If the vehicle is booked with Grimaldi, your driver must have a TWIC card before it can be dropped at the port.

What should I do if there’s any damage to my vehicle after it gets to the destination?

You must inform your clearing agent or receiver to file a claim with the shipping line at the destination before removing the vehicle from the port.

Does the Dock receipt expire?

We recommend the dock receipt should be updated before the unit is dropped at the port. If the current dock receipt has missed the cut off date for drop off, please contact us to update it accordingly to avoid customs rejections and delays.

When will I get my draft bill of lading?

Draft bill of lading is not to be mistaken as the original copy bill of lading. It is a practice where freight forwarders issue a draft bill of lading to the cargo owners to authenticate the information detailed on the bill of lading.When the vehicle sails from the port, you will receive a sailing confirmation/draft copy of the bill of lading. This must be forwarded to your agent pending the time you receive your release You can also download your draft bill of lading on our website here.