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Challenges No More

Any business is bound to face a number of challenges with every shipment regardless of its type. Our logistics and financial services focus on solving your supply chain needs from end to end while also reducing the complexities of shipping for you.

To do that, we offer exceptional solutions by synthesizing our network, in-depth experience and pioneering digital services.

Customs Clearance

In a global economy, customs clearance is a dynamic and complex landscape of rules and regulations. Efficient customs brokerage and full compliance with freight safety and security requirements are key players in sustaining a fluid supply chain management.

Icon Logistics Services constantly monitors local and international customs regulations in order to update its systems accordingly. With this knowledge, our customs expertise can process your custom clearances with accuracy and efficiency which, in turn, contributes significantly to the seamless flow of goods. Additionally, our experts can help manage your freight by giving you the proper advice to make sure that your shipments comply with all customs procedures.

The client is asked to provide necessary shipping documents such as the packing slip , bill of lading, commercial invoice, and the payment of taxes and duties. Note that some restricted goods may incur additional fees.

Cargo Insurance Arrangement

Icon Logistics Services insures small to medium-sized shippers internationally by all modes of transport including intermodal, and works with you to provide the exact cover that meets your needs.

Subject to agreement, our insurance offers protection from physical loss or damage to cargos at the origin port and then at the destination. As for cargo in-transit, we offer insurance for inland transportation in Nigeria.

In the case of unforeseen circumstances, you can either get back a certain percentage or the entire value of the insured goods depending on the cargo insurance policy. Cargo insurance coverage either covers all risks or specifics; depending on the defined risks.

Packaging and Preservation

Icon Logistics Services can provide personalized packaging and preservation solutions for all types of products, weights, dimensions and fragility. We have years of experience when it comes to packaging goods for transport. Proper packing of boxes, pallets and barrels is key to minimizing damages.

What exactly is it we do?

  • All fragile items are heavily bubble-wrapped and well-secured.
  • Styrofoam peanuts, clothing, or pillows might be used to provide extra cushioning.
  • Boxes are fully-packed; otherwise, damage to goods easily happens.
  • Boxes are securely closed using adhesive tape or carton staple.
  • Boxes are labeled with the client’s first and last name/company name, phone number and the amount of boxes being shipped.

Procurement Services

Gain a competitive edge by reducing your supply chain costs and drive efficiency. Our team will take you beyond simple consultation.

Our services include sourcing, procurement, ordering, expediting, inspection, consolidation, packing and onward shipping to the end destination.

Icon Logistics Services provides real value. Our team goes above and beyond to provide initiatives and collaborate with clients as well as their ongoing efforts to drive customer satisfaction.

Let’s say you’re looking for a car. Our specialists will get all relevant info from make, models, price to usability based on your requirements. They can even inspect the vehicle and provide a full service from consolidation to shipping. We can’t stress enough on the fact of our readiness to cater you with services and solutions that fit your needs and goals.


Think of us as your strategic partner that can quickly mobilize around key strategic initiatives, and manage day-to-day executions.

Our strategically placed warehouse locations will diminish your logistics challenges, and provide swift and easy access to key border crossings, airports and trade centers.

Our team will help secure space, distribute your shipment quickly and pay for the taken space with our robust warehouse solutions. We’ll keep your planned and unplanned freight moving so you can maximize your supply chain spend.

All you have to do is trust us on this.

Cargo Consolidation

Icon Logistics Services empowers our client’s in multiple ways whether through technology, team expertise, physically moving cargo or a combination of all.

In today’s fluctuating markets, your business requires flexible solutions to support your planned and unplanned freight needs. With our extensive freight consolidation options, we’re here to help you manage spend without sacrificing speed.

Improving the efficiency of your smaller shipments takes a combination of expertise and technology. Every day, our technology saves time and reduces costs by identifying and combining freight from multiple shippers that are moving in similar lanes.

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