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Automated Freight Services Through Digitization

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By Innovation and Digitization

Technology Is Vital to Freight Forwarding

At Icon Logistics Services, we believe that innovation is about looking beyond what is to what could be. We believe in technology; in its ability to challenge the status quo. In all honesty, we don’t believe in doing freight forwarding the traditional way.

In this time and age, our role as the leading freight forwarding company heavily relies on providing value-added solutions and services to our clients. For this reason, we question our own processes before redefining the logistics of tomorrow by evaluating trends and technologies.

Digital Solutions for Added-Value

What the COVID-19 pandemic has made clear is one thing; the need for the logistics industry to operate in a digital and lean manner. The digital solutions provided by Icon Logistics Services for our clients will play a key role in driving transparency for automated and optimized shipping operations.

Mobile App

Client Portal: A Secure Digital Gateway

How do you communicate with clients? Some would say through emails while others would prefer a video conferencing application such as Zoom.

Well, there’s another way that we’d like to introduce you to.

Icon Logistics Services leads the way with its exceptional client portal platform that digitizes all trade-related documents, including Bill of Lading,

Mobile App: Arming Clients With The Features They Need

Icon Logistics Services mobile application is a super easy, convenient and intuitive way to manage your shipments. A tap on your smartphone instantly directs you to a wide range of cargo shipping services, essential information and a bunch of helpful features:

  1. Browse sailing schedules
  2. Track your shipments
  3. Manage and Create instant bookings
  4. View your stock and manifest
  5. Downlodable dock receipts, Draft B/Ls, and other docuemnts
  6. Transparent access to your invoices